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Our Mission

Thiefriverfallspolicereport.com is a dedicated news source focused on delivering accurate and up-to-date information about police activities and safety issues in Thief River Falls and the surrounding areas. Our team is committed to providing the community with reliable reporting that contributes to a safer and well-informed public environment.

What We Do

With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity, we report on a wide range of topics. This includes, but is not limited to, police reports, updates on public safety, and prevention tips that are essential for the well-being of our readers. We strive to act as a bridge between law enforcement agencies and the community, fostering transparency and understanding.

Our Team

Our editorial staff consists of experienced journalists, analysts, and community leaders who are deeply rooted in Thief River Falls. We believe that a strong community is built on the foundations of communication and trust. Therefore, our contributors dedicate themselves daily to delivering stories that matter, with the diligence and respect our readers deserve.

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Interaction with the community is crucial for our platform. We encourage our readers to actively participate by providing us with tips, testimonials, and feedback. Together we can create and maintain a safer community. Your voice is important to us, and together we can make a difference.


If you have questions, comments or wish to get in touch with our editorial team? We are open to your insights and aim to respond to your messages as promptly as possible. While we do not provide direct links here, please visit our contact page for more information on how you can reach us.

At thiefriverfallspolicereport.com, we are committed to serving our community with care and accuracy. Thank you for trusting us as your source for local news and police reports.